Correct Care Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

Correct Care Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

More than 300 Correctional Facilities Use CCS’ Proprietary Electronic Medical Records to Deliver Quality Care


NASHVILLE, Tenn.Nov. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Innovation is a critical component of Correct Care Solutions’ work to deliver high quality health care to its patients. For the past decade, CCS has developed, deployed and evolved its own proprietary electronic medical records specifically designed to support CCS doctors and nurses in the unique clinical setting in which they work. The Electronic Record Management Application (ERMA) has electronic medical records on over six million incarcerations, since its inception. This data is continually analyzed to spot trends, create best practices and find ways to improve care for patients nationwide.


In the past year alone, CCS through ERMA has served 1.1 million patients. In the same time period, CCS through ERMA, processed over seven million electronic prescriptions and over three million patient appointments. ERMA helps to organize the influx of data and allows CCS to monitor how the overall health of its patient population has changed over time. For example, more people suffer today from mental illness and infectious disease than 10 years ago. This knowledge enables CCS to allocate resources as needed and anticipate the future needs of our patient population.


“Innovation is essential to our business and ERMA is a crucial component of the technology platform that we’ve developed and use every day to ensure our patients get the best possible health outcomes,” said Bob Martin, Chief Information Officer at CCS. “Oftentimes, when we see a patient for the first time, it is the first time they’ve received a thorough medical exam and quality health care. It’s important for us to be able to share the information that we collect with other health care providers once they leave our facilities, and we are eager to continue to collaborate with other safety net providers to deliver high quality care.”


This year, CCS began working with health information exchanges so that other medical providers have access to patient medical records and when patients are screened, CCS can import available data from other available electronic records. This information sharing is essential to creating a health care safety net for the most vulnerable citizens. CCS is currently working with health information exchanges in LouisianaKentuckyMichigan and Georgia.


ERMA is a web-based application specifically designed to operate as part of the health care delivery system inside correctional facilities. Many features must function without Wi-Fi and other elements that are taken for granted in traditional health care settings. This advanced technology gives facilities the information they need to collaborate in the management of patient care.

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